Chic Women’s Dresses in Stripes

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Sashay through the weekends in perfect form in one of these laid-back dresses. Our mini, midi, and maxi options balance fashion and ease to keep you feeling just dressy enough for your busy days. The next time you need an easy, classic look, there’s no need to overthink it: just make a beeline for your favorite striped dress!

Stripes for YOUR Style

There are so many different ways to wear your stripes. For those edgy moods, you’ve got high-contrast stripes such as black and white. For those chill moods, you’ve got soft pastel or gray stripes. At JOELLE + CO, find pieces to satisfy lots of fashion whims, from mysterious modern artiste to dreamy beach bum. Don’t forget to add your personal touch by picking out accessories that vibe well with these complete ensembles!

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Timeless patterns make for a wardrobe that will outlast the trends. Stripes are always in style, and not just for grown-ups – look for cute striped baby clothes and accessories at our online shop to match with your striped dresses. Shop comfy everyday dresses now!